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Language Services

Translation, Desktop Publishing and Interpretation • 70 Languages • Quality since 2005

Fixed Price Projects

Provide us with the source information and context and we will come up with fixed price for your request

Receive on time

Speed is no witchcraft and we are not wizards either. But we keep a tight ship and thus can provide delivery on schedule

Fast work turnaround

The more information you feed us with, the better we perform. We make a quick return to you our prime objective


What ever concept has been thought of and needs to be brought into another language / country / understanding – it is the translator’s job to deliver with as little failure, misinterpretation and error as possible. That’s why we work on a 6-eye-principle instead of the 4-eye-principle as requested by ISO 17100.

Desktop Publishing

Documents come in various source formats. Mostly customers want their translated document back in the same format. Occasionally customers want another format. Common to all is that they want the translation to look just like the source. We provide sound solutions for this task.


Say, you are native in Germany and want to start doing business with a Russian company. Neither party speaks a common tongue, like English, for instance. This when an interpreter comes in handy who can translate simultaneously between German and Russian back and forth.

Meet the team

“It is the challenges that make us learn and grow experience. We count 4,500+ business cases with more than 1,000 content customers and I am thrilled about the performance our team churns out every day.”


“I care to deliver spot on with the best available quality. Where money, time and quality converge we perform at our best. ”


“Our tools for machine supported translation are well tended to and thus provide excellent quality. Provide us with glossary and terminology and expect to receive best quality for an affordable price.”


Let’s work together on your
next language project

Challenge us with your translation, DTP or interpretation tasks. We’re sure we won’t disappoint.