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Language Services

Translation, Desktop Publishing and Interpretation • 70 Languages • Quality since 2005

Accurate quote

Send us a copy of your document and we will provide a precise estimate for both cost and delivery within one working day.

On-time delivery

We know that our customers often work to tight deadlines, so we guarantee on-time delivery of accurate and efficient translations.

Top quality

Our linguists are certified native speakers who provide reliable and accurate translation services. They are experts in their field and have an in-depth knowledge of industry-specific terminology.


We provide translations tailored to your specific requirements across a variety of industries. We work with a large network of professional linguists, who each have specific work experience across a range of industries. To request a quote or learn more about which of our translation services will be the best fit for your business, contact us today.

Quality assurance:
Committed to complying with industry best practices, we work with translators that are qualified, professional mother-tongue linguists with experience in their respective field. Upon receipt of your files, we identify possible challenges and make sure they are translation-ready. During translation, our project manager will stay in touch with the translator and clarify any questions that may come up. Once completed, the translation is proof-read by a second qualified linguist and finally a series of in-house checks is carried out before delivering the completed translation to you. The use of CAT tools moreover ensures terminological and stylistic consistency of the translations. This is particulary important when multiple translators work on a large project.

Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP)

Different languages can have varying word counts which can affect the design and flow of text. To ensure that multilingual content is professional in every language, we offer multilingual desktop publishing services. This guarantees that the design, layout and flow will remain consistent across all languages.


Interpreting services can be highly useful in countless business settings – negotiating with suppliers, problem-solving with technical engineers or training new distributors and more. Our professional interpreters have excellent communication skills and a profound knowledge of both languages. Having a good understanding of the subject, impartial and confidential, they make sure your project will be a success.

Meet the team

“Challenges help us grow and learn valuable lessons. With more than 4,500 projects completed and 1,000+ satisfied customers, I am extremely grateful to my team who walk the extra mile every day.”

Dieter Götz, managing director

“Delivering quality translations on time and within budget is my priority. We work hard to consistently deliver on our service and standards.”

Martin Kertes, head of department

“Our computer assisted translation (CAT) tools assure consistent terminology, optimised productivity and top quality. CAT tools store translatations in a database that can be reused for future translations, saving time and money.”

Sorin Patanga, translation manager

Let’s work together to make your next language project a success.

For more information about our translation, interpreting and DTP services, please contact us by telephone or email now.